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Overwhelmed, frustrated, and just a little bit anxious (or a lot)? Getting into business on your own can be a scary experience. The solopreneur–someone who is the sole proprietor of a small business–often struggles without the support networks found in larger enterprises.

That’s where a mentor comes in.

The Right Mentor for You

But not just any mentor will do. The right mentor ‘gets’ that you, the solopreneur, are unique. Your mindset–your aspirations and attitude–and business practices differ from other types of entrepreneurs.

 Resources to Support You

Unlike any other business mentoring books in the world, the books in The Business Mentoring Solution series speak directly to the experiences of the solopreneur and those who mentor them.

In the first book in the series, Harness the Power of Mentoring: How to Find and Work with the Right Mentor–A Guide for the Solopreneur,  I’ll help you, the solopreneur who is looking for a mentor, get clear on:

  • What matters most in life and work.
  • How to align actions with values, vision, and purpose.
  • What actions to take and how to do it without getting overwhelmed.
  • Realistic, relevant, and timely goals and targets.
  • How to find and work with the right mentor for you and your business.

From Current Reality to Desired Future

I can help you move from your current reality to your desired future:

1- Know yourself so you are aware of your values, vision, mission, and purpose.

2- Know what you want and need to achieve in the short-term, mid-term, and long-term so you can create realistic and relevant goals.

3- Know how to build a plan for a healthy mentoring relationship so you experience and benefit from the best that mentoring can offer.

Go ahead–Change your world!

About Virginia

I guide solopreneurs to find and work with the right mentor to build a healthy, effective mentoring relationship so they can rise to new heights and reach their true potential.

I had amazing mentors…

Professional Mentoring

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Books and Information Products

Check here for print and e-books in The Business Mentoring Solution Series for mentors, mentees, and mentoring program managers.

You’ll also find information products such as ‘Top TIPS’ e-books and Planners/Journals (print workbooks) that complement the main books in the series.

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Online Courses

Do you prefer to learn from videos and interaction with others and your instructor? Check here for the latest online courses on mentoring, both live and recorded.

Online courses will be uploaded towards the end of January 2019.

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Many learners prefer face-to-face learning.

If you enjoy a lively, interactive, small-group learning experience, contact me for the next offering of our popular workshops on mentoring or book me to come to you and your group or organization.

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I’m a popular speaker and available for speaking engagements on demand. Check the calendar for news of my upcoming speaking engagements.

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Guest Blogs

Check this page for blogs from my very talented colleagues who share their experiences and expertise on all things mentoring.

Mentoring Program Development & Evaluation

I’m an experienced expert who develops and evaluates mentoring programs. Let’s talk about the needs of your community, group, organization, or sector/industry. I can custom design a mentoring program and evaluation framework.

Our Most Popular Books and Information Products

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