This is a ‘must have, must read’ book for anyone thinking of becoming a solopreneur or who is already a solopreneur. When I think back to the beginning of my journey, I was not provided a resource as valuable as this to prepare me for the rollercoaster ride that lay ahead.

The author recognizes the need for personal and professional mentoring. All too often, mentor programs focus on the professional growth of the mentee and fail to look at the personal side of the equation. This book clearly demonstrates the importance and significance of doing so. The author also recognizes that both the mentor and solopreneur will learn and grow together. This has become a differentiating factor when deciding on whether or not mentoring is the choice for each person.

As a solopreneur wanting to continue your journey, this is the book that you must have—can you afford not to?

—Doug Lawrence, President, TalentC® –  People Services Inc. (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada).