PEI Startup Zone “Lunch and Learn” with Dr. Virginia McGowan

Harness the Power of Mentoring: Find the Right Mentor for You and Your Small Business

Did you know that the right mentor can make all the difference for you and your small business? But not just any mentor will do. In this lively, interactive session, Virginia (Ginny) McGowan PhD, The Business Mentoring Solution, will share her top tips for finding and working with the right mentor to help you realize your true potential as an entrepreneur. Ginny is the author of Harness the Power of Mentoring: How to Find and Work with the Right Mentor—A Guide for the SolopreneurHarness the Power of Mentoring: Top TIPS for Solopreneurs, and other information products, workshops, and an online course on mentoring. See her website to learn more and sign up for a free monthly newsletter, Mentoring News (The Business Mentoring Solution).

Noon to 1 PM. Free to members. $15 for non-members (lunch cost).