The Solopreneur

As Amanda Gait recently said in her blog Oberlo, “All solopreneurs are entrepreneurs but not all entrepreneurs are solopreneurs.”

Solopreneurs are NOT like other conventional types of entrepreneurs. They have a different mindset–attitude, aspirations, and vision–and business practices because, well, they are going solo. They do it all. They don’t have staff or a partner to delegate tasks to. In fact, a solopreneur PREFERS to work alone! They try to get better and better at what they do, whether that be products or services. They don’t intend to add staff and become managers. And our numbers are growing.

Writing in the online magazine Entrepreneur, John Rampton describes four ways that solopreneurs differ from conventional entrepreneurs:

  1. They aren’t waiting for someone to buy them out.
  2. They are the face of their business.
  3. They will outsource, but don’t intend to manage staff.
  4. They are worker bees, real doers!

This doesn’t mean that solopreneurs aren’t interested in growing their business. Far from it! They just don’t want to stop being the one who gets to do all the fun stuff, like selling their products and services. To grow, solopreneurs need to become more efficient, be more mobile, use new technologies to help streamline operations, always be looking for costs to cut, and use online ads to promote their business.