My Clients’ Mentoring Journey

STEP 1: Know yourself.              

Result: Self-awareness, self-confidence, clarity of vision/values/purpose/mission, healthy boundaries.

STEP 2: Find the right mentor.  

Result: A healthy, effective, and mutually beneficial mentoring relationship.

STEP 3: Create, execute, and evaluate a plan.               

Result: A transformation from your current reality to your desired future.


My Mission

I guide solopreneurs to find and work with the right mentor to build a healthy, effective mentoring relationship so they can rise to new heights and realize their true potential together. I work with mentors to help them build a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Why I Do This

I had amazing mentors during my early years, people who helped me develop as a person and a professional. In turn, I’ve spent my professional life mentoring others. As I began a new career as an entrepreneur, it made sense that I look for mentors to help me carve a new path. The day came, however, when it was time to pay it forward.

 My Qualifications as a Mentoring Expert

As a business owner/solopreneur, I became deeply interested in the challenges of business ownership and the potential for mentoring to support personal and professional transformation.

I joined, as a mentor, the business mentoring programs offered by the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. I’m actively mentoring women in business across the world.

I became a certified mentoring program manager.

I’m a subject matter expert on mentoring. I research, design, implement, and evaluate business mentoring programs; speak to clubs and organizations; write articles, book chapters, and books; present workshops; and create online learning opportunities.

Learn More About My Mentoring Experiences and How I Can Help You

I’m an award-winning author of a book on mentoring for solopreneurs. The book is based on the work I did with hundreds of people in business by themselves–I also co-authored a book chapter in an Island Studies Press book on the subject (see the citation below). This chapter describes the experience of researching, developing, and implementing a business mentoring program in the community and the incredible impact such a program can have. I’ve also written for provincial employment news outlets about mentoring and why it’s an essential experience for solopreneurs

I’m excited by what I’ve seen and experienced. Mentoring is a powerful and critical tool for success IF it is entered into and pursued in the right way: as a journey of personal and professional development and transformation. So excited, that I’ve authored the first in a series of books on mentoring for the solopreneur, which are accompanied by Top TIPS eBooks and workbooks in the style of planners/journals, workshops, and online courses.

I hope these books, information products, and other resources will help you with your mentoring journey. If you are looking for a design or evaluation for a mentoring program in your community, I can help with that too.

Let me help you! Read my books, sign up for my online courses (coming soon), invite me to speak to your group or meeting, or contact me about workshops and consulting on mentoring program design and evaluation.

Go ahead. Change your world!

Citation for book chapter:

               McGowan, Virginia, and Hannah Bell. “Helping Women Get on TRACK*: Building Resiliency Through a Business Mentoring Program for                       Women Entrepreneurs on Prince Edward Island.” In From Black Horses to White Steeds: Building Community Resilience, edited by Laurie                   Brinklow and Ryan Gibson, 132-160. Charlottetown, PEI: University of Prince Edward Island, Island Studies Press, 2017.

              (*TRACK: Transformed, Renewed, Activated, Connected, Knowledgeable)

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