Mentorship Planner for Mentees

No doubt about it: being in a mentorship means keeping track of lots of moving parts. Getting—and staying—organized is the key. This mentorship planner provides a simple yet effective way for mentees to keep critical information for quick reference (such as their mentor’s contact information); descriptions of their goals, vision, and purpose; and record-keeping for mentoring meetings. The planner includes a Commitment Statement to help the mentee think deep and hard about their role in making the mentorship succeed. And, to reach their goals step-by-step and really think deeply about how to do that, the mentee is led from formulating high-level plans to detailed strategies for each phase of the mentorship.

Did you know that Harnessing the Power of Mentoring: A Mentorship Planner for Mentees can be customized to YOUR mentorship program! Please contact me for details and special discount code for bulk orders.

ISBN print 978-1-7774581-4-0.

52 pages. 100-lb wt. gloss cover. Coil bound.