The mission of The Business Mentoring Solution

is to guide solopreneurs to find and work with the right mentor

to build healthy, effective, and mutually beneficial mentoring relationships

so they can rise to new heights and realize their true potential, together.


Why This is My Mission

I believe in this mission wholeheartedly because I’ve seen it happen, time and time again. It’s possible. With the right kind of support, solopreneurs can rise to new heights and realize their true potential.

The value that my work brings to solopreneurs is that mentoring guides are available for workplace-based mentoring programs or community-based mentoring programs for youth at risk, but not for the solopreneur. The special case of the solopreneur has largely been ignored, yet they are the backbone of the Canadian and American economies. They are often overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of support available to them.

The resources I provide address their needs, and those of their mentors and mentoring program managers, directly. They offer practical solutions to commonly-encountered issues to inspire, educate, motivate, reassure, and, ultimately, transform.


How I Will Achieve My Mission

My mission will be achieved by offering a means to transform the solopreneur’s current reality into their desired future.

  • I write and publish books and other information products such as a monthly newsletter;

  • I teach training workshops for mentees, mentors, and mentoring program managers;

  • I speak to groups and organizations and participate in podcasts and webinars to raise awareness of the impact of a mentoring relationship;

  • I develop and evaluate mentoring programs; and

  • I create online learning courses to reach a wider range of learners.

I provide clear, coherent, concise, and comprehensive guides to develop and nurture healthy and effective mentoring relationships. Other information products such as planners/journals and ‘Top TIPS’ mini-books support the processes outlined in the books, guide the learner to work through exercises, and provide easily-accessed resources.

The materials are highly accessible and provided at a moderate price in diverse formats (print books, e-books, audio-books, online courses).

I also provide superior speaking and consulting services on the topic of mentoring solopreneurs. As an experienced mentor, certified mentoring program manager, mentoring program developer, and published subject-matter expert, I offer expert advice and guidance on mentoring.

I do this for solopreneurs, their mentors, and the mentoring program managers who may work with them in community-based business mentoring programs.


Guiding Principles and Values

The guiding principle of The Business Mentoring Solution is Support Solopreneur Success by creating supportive environments and nurturing healthy relationships.

My values include respect, integrity, inclusiveness, clarity, coherence, accuracy, healthy relationships, authenticity, collaboration, and supportive environments.



I envision a world where solopreneurs, with the help of their mentors, are successful in achieving their personal and professional goals and objectives, a world where they do more than survive: they thrive. And their mentors thrive along with them.


My Clients’ Journey                                                Result

STEP 1: Know yourself.                                                    Self-awareness, self-confidence, healthy boundaries, clarity.

STEP 2: Find the right mentor.                                         A healthy, effective, and mutually beneficial mentoring relationship.

STEP 3: Create, execute, and evaluate a plan.               A transformation from your current reality to your desired future.